Reduce your plastic footprint to help eliminate pollution.

Join our movement of removing plastic trash from the planet.
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On average, you will use 500 plastic bags a year.

Plastic bags are convenient for you, but not for our environment.

Our flagship product, the Aneco Bag gives you the convenience of a plastic bag without the negative impact on our ecosystem.

It’s a lanyard that is worn around your neck which easily converts into a reusable bag.

Using just one Aneco Bag can help prevent up to 500 plastic bags from ending up where you don’t want them, the environment.

Aneco believes that it is up to all of us to be the change when it comes to plastic bag usage.

6,400,000 tons of plastic

are dumped into our oceans each year. And that number is on the rise.

Join our movement to help reduce one-time plastic usage.

Your employees want to be part of the greater-good.

Companies like yours are already empowering their employees to reduce their plastic footprint with Aneco Bag.

The Aneco Bag is a lanyard that easily converts into a reusable bag.

Whether you have a few employees or thousands of employees, our movement enables each of your employees to make a difference with plastic pollution found throughout the world.

For each of your employees who get an Aneco Bag branded with your company logo, they’ll help reduce their plastic bag usage and create a better environment for all.

There’s strength in numbers.

Join us in removing plastic trash from our planet.

Together, We’ve Prevented Over 3,750,000 Plastic Bags From Use

Through eco-conscious users like you, the use of the Aneco Bag keeps plastic bags from ever being used.