Signature Prints

Signature Prints

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Inspired by fashion trends, brought to life for you… maximize the multi-reusability, stretchability and breathability features of your Aneco Bag with a statement! Express your inner sneakey creativity with any of the unique Prints and stand proudly, looking extra good, in support of your environment!

Signature Prints

Go Green, Hidden Forest, Stars, Steel Grinding, Swag Element, Sweet Nectar

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Did you know it takes 500 to 1,000 years for plastic to degrade, and more than one million plastic bags are used every minute worldwide? In an effort to combat the negative impact plastic bags are having on the environment, we bring you… Aneco Bag.

This clever product is a reusable shopping and utility bag disguised as a lanyard, worn around the neck. Carry keys or an ID badge and then transform it into a reusable bag that can be used in virtually any situation like holding groceries, hauling sports gear or transporting laundry, and so much more. Your Aneco Bag holds over 200 times its weight and size – perfect for heavier items like milk, melons, meat, and juice, that usually end up getting either double-bagged or not bagged at all.

After those big trips to the grocery store when there may be too many bags to carry, keep your Aneco Bag in lanyard form and use it as a handle. This feature transforms any bags into one load that can be carried over your shoulder.

It’s a keychain, It’s a bag, It’s very Aneco! Save yourself some cash and always remember your bag again with Aneco Bag.

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Signature Prints

Go Green, Hidden Forest, Stars, Steel Grinding, Swag Element, Sweet Nectar


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2 reviews for Signature Prints

  1. Nicole

    Freaking awesome. Will you be making some with a reflective strip? I walk my dogs at night and would like to have a night sneakey lanyard on me.

  2. Amanda Elman

    I really like these bags. I bought a few as gifts and everyone likes them too. I have not bought one for myself because I am shorter than average and it feels a bit long on me. Will you have additional sizes/lengths soon?

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